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Oops: Impostor scams Louisiana officials Burned by the yes men. A prankster poses as a HUD honcho and promises NOT to destroy perfectly good housing projects slated for demolition. later, the prankster explained: The New Orleans projects are sturdily constructed brick buildings that, nevertheless, are slated for demolition, he said. "Basically, the real reason, of course, is they want to develop New Orleans into something pleasing to tourists -- even more pleasing." Video here. Wikipedia has info on more of their exploits. My favorite was the bhopal fiasco.
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The movie is good, but I can't stop to think that most of their exploits are fun, but absolutely useless.
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darkripper writes "but absolutely useless"

Hi I am elpapacito of the Metafilter Administrator Group . This is just a friendly warning to remember you that the use of the word "absolute" is considered disgraceful in this community as clearly stated in Metafilter Post guidelines. We would like you or any other metafilter poster to please respect the rules to enhance the good and cohesion of this community. Your post is being flagged for deletion, but no other measure is going to be taken regarding your account. Thanks for your understanding.
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Pretty funny. That's why I posted it in the already ongoing Katrina thread.
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"Toward that end, he said, Wal-Mart would withdraw its stores from near low-income housing and "help nurture local businesses to replace them."

Wal-Mart was unmoved. "As evidenced by the fact that we recently reopened two stores in the New Orleans metropolitan area, there is absolutely no truth to these statements," said spokeswoman Marisa Bluestone."

So wait, did she just admit that Wal-Mart hurts local businesses?
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elpapacito: I'm new here so probably I still don't know how things works, anyway I can assure you it was not a trolling attempt.
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Darkripper, I'd like to reassure you that your use of the word "absolute" was well within accepted guidelines for new-user Metafilter comments. Elpapacito has overstepped his moderating bounds for the last time. I'll see to it that his administrative privileges are permanently revoked. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this incident may have caused you.

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Darkripper, those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.
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will their pranks change anything? the skeptic in me says no... however it DOES put uncomfortable pressure on those they're exposing. The new orleans housing authority is spamming the fact that it was a fake (4 emails from them in the last 22 hours). Dow had to come right out and say "no, we're going to continue to let Bhopal rot".

thats gotta be worth something
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In Washington, HUD spokeswoman Donna White called the hoax "sick."

Yeah, it's a lot sicker and crueler than tearing down 5000 units of affordable housing, b*tch.
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Meh. I just can't get down with the Yes Men. Everything they do I find to be just about on par with that dude who calls the CNN talk shows and think's he's awesome because he manages to get out "Howard Stern" and "ass."

The Billboard Liberation Front, on the other hand - that's some good stuff.
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In Washington, HUD spokeswoman Donna White called the hoax "sick."

Maybe she is a skateboarder or originally from Boston and she meant it was like "wicked sick, yo! check it out!!"
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"To perpetuate a hoax on them is cruel and disgusting."

Yes, that would be cruel and disgusting, but fortunately, there was no perpetuating going on here, other than the perpetual greed and lack of any compassion for those in less fortunate circumstances by people in power.
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anyone got another link for the video? not working for me
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It's cruel and manipulative. Weren't these people already upset by the situation? How does this stunt actually advance the cause of these people?
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hoborg writes "'To perpetuate a hoax on them is cruel and disgusting.'"

This kind of line I hear perpetually in different context, for instance :

1. Soldier dies in Iraq
2. X says it's a pity , but he knew the risks
3. Y says X should be ashmed of denigrating the soldier !

but no denigration occourred

or similarly

1. More the one soldier dies
2. X is at the funeral and salutes the fallen. Immediately after the relatives and casket leaves the scene, he shouts "we support the families, not the government !"
3. Couple cops hurry on the scene to silence X by menacing to bring him away and that he is disrispectful of the cerimony and the death and the family !

regardless of the fact that relatives, parents and the casket were already away . Oh I actually witness that , it really happened. It is might curious that the cops were so easily offended without any reason, other then they found the expressed tought offensive and therefore didn't like it.

owhydididoit writes "It's cruel and manipulative. Weren't these people already upset by the situation?"

I guess some call it "tough love" which in this occourrence made people aware of how cruel and manipulative business can be, of how people belive any bullshit that is told them if it's a polte, good look and well placed "suit" who is speaking it. In the might words of YodaSpeak "a business suit a leader makes not"
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They do it to get the situation in the news, so the story won't be buried by the usual crap that dominates the mainstream press. By employing satire they interest much of the public who are desensitized to "whiney activists."
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This goes a long way in explaining why they accepted a subpar levee in the first place.
posted by mischief at 11:50 AM on August 29, 2006

New Orleans isn't the only place in serious danger from a storm surge, and it's not the only place with sub-par levees.
posted by Mr. Gunn at 12:00 PM on August 30, 2006

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