Urban Forest Project
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Design Times Square: The Urban Forest Project "brings 185 banners created by the world’s most celebrated designers, artists, photographers and illustrators to New York’s Times Square. Each banner uses the form of the tree, or a metaphor for the tree, to make a powerful visual statement. Together they create a forest of thought-provoking images at one of the world’s busiest, most energetic, and emphatically urban intersections." Including work by Milton Glaser, the Walker Art Center, and many, many others. Via Speak Up.
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As if its not crowded enough there already...
posted by allkindsoftime at 6:12 AM on August 29, 2006

They consider Times Square to be the whole neighborhood, not just the part with the shiny bits. So it's not that crowded.
posted by smackfu at 6:28 AM on August 29, 2006

From the Speak Up site: "It is a rare occurrence when graphic designers can band together and show a large non-graphic-designing audience how visually astute and clever we are."

I can't believe someone actually wrote and put that on their site. Creepy. And most of those banners stink.

Otherwise, man I sure do prefer the old, seedy Times Square to the new soulless corporate one that now stands in its place. I think I moved out of NYC (1995) just in time.
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Some nice pieces there.
posted by bullitt 5 at 7:15 AM on August 29, 2006

But I live in the city because I hate trees.
posted by dame at 7:24 AM on August 29, 2006

Some nice stuff here, but I have to say most Times Square visitors are going to miss the art. It's going to go right over their heads, since the banners are only about 3 ft tall and hung about 20 ft above street level.

As long as you're in my neighborhood, check out some more unnoticed art.
posted by eatitlive at 8:13 AM on August 29, 2006

I count four of them that are just pictures of tree-shaped air fresheners. Which actually would do Times Square way more good.
posted by hermitosis at 9:14 AM on August 29, 2006

And most of those banners stink.


I think this is great — seeing how 186 different designers/illustrators/studios interpret the idea of a tree. Some of these are just beautiful, and the concepts are clever, even if that speakup quote is kind of wierd.
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i wish they sold prints instead of just tshirts.
posted by tjenks at 4:29 PM on August 29, 2006

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