Curse of the College Coaches Continues
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Don Nelson, the second-winningest coach in NBA history, is back to coach the Golden State Warriors again. Excecutive VP, Chris Mullen who played under Nelson at Golden State re-hired him after parting ways with former Stanford coach, Mike Montgomery who was their ninth coach in the past 12 seasons since Nelson's departure.
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More news over at ESPN (of course...)
posted by pwb503 at 11:44 AM on August 29, 2006

Montgomery is the latest college coach to discover the difference in the pro game.
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I guess he got tired of sipping margaritas on the beach in maui.
posted by bob sarabia at 12:32 PM on August 29, 2006

best of the web? GYONBAB.
posted by mattbucher at 12:37 PM on August 29, 2006

That surprises me because I thought he was still on staff with the Dallas Mavericks as a consultant or something. His son is the general manager of the Mavs. (Who are winning it all this year, fyi).
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It will take more than Nelson to bring that team out of the abyss. New management would be a good start.
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Actually, I think that Nelson will be able to make Golden State respectable again. He won't be able to make them a good team in the playoffs, but he wasn't really able to do that in Dallas either -- it took a tough-minded coach like Avery to do that. What he can do in Golden State is get guys to go out there and run, and get a depressed (with good reason) fanbase excited about basketball again. This might actually be the first smart move that Mullin has made since he became a GM.
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Nelson is the 3rd winningest coach in NBA history, behind Wilkins AND Riley. Hopefully he'll have better luck with the Warriors than he did with the Knicks (whom he coached prior to the Mavs). The Mavs, when he coached them, had very special, talented players (as did the Knicks). I don't think he'll find any success with the Warriors because I don't their team is all that strong, and his coaching style, IMHO, isn't aggressive enough to win with average talent.
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"Nelson is the 3rd winningest coach in NBA history, behind Wilkins AND Riley"

I could be wrong but it was my understanding that Nelson had surpased Riley since the 2003-2004 season (date of that chart). Although that might have changed since Riley fired Van Gundy and came back last year.

"best of the web? GYONBAB."

Maybe not for everyone, but for some of us. Anyone know what best of the web? GYONBAB means? Google was of no help.
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I assume it means Get Your Own NBA Blog.
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I don't know, dios. I think the Mavs peaked and they'll now begin a slow descent into the middle echelons. Winning the first two and then losing the next four has to do something to their confidence.
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I think you're right, pwb503. I forgot that Nellie kept coaching after Riley stepped up to GM. No way Riley caught up to Nellie last year (he's probably got 50 wins on him by now).
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'winningest' shouldn't be a word. Its like something a eight year old would coin.
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Seriously, this is newsfilter. Not a cool website or interesting article. I don't know why this doesn't get deleted. This isn't even in the top 50 most interesting sports news stories this year.
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Seriously, you made your opinion known twice now. Are you this adamant every time there's a "new Apple product" post or "development in Iraq" post? No? Then take it to MeTa or STFU.
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