Juggling Clips. Yes.
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JuggleThis.net. Soooo many video clips of people juggling. My favorite so far: lots and lots of footage of casual backstage juggling from some convention (45Mb .mpg file).
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Thomas Dietz, the guy in the beginning of the video doing all the crazy 5 ball and club tricks without dropping, is truly a god among men.

Head over to the Internet Juggling Database for even more juggling videos.
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Man, I should learn how to juggle. It looks so zen inducing.
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I learnt juggling upto 5 balls all by myself. Haven't practiced it for sometime now.
The key is to get the 3-ball routine right. It took me almost a month, atleast 2-hr daily practice to get there. After that 4 was pretty easy. But 5-ball was exponentially tougher. I am still to get onto the 6-ball routine.

Any jugglers in MeFispace ? I'd like to know what does it take to move from ball to club juggling? How easy/difficult it is? Any tips?
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There's a kid in the EJC footage, wearing a red shirt with yellow dube clubs...he's fun. And the girl at the end with the floor cascade of what might have been ten balls...wow. I love juggling. Recently my 3 year old found my bag of clubs and balls and scarves, and so I've been teaching him to juggle while trying to remember myself. It's been fun.
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I'd like to know what does it take to move from ball to club juggling? How easy/difficult it is? Any tips?

I was hanging around with a troupe of jugglers when I learned, so my experience was that it was pretty easy. I actually had an easier time passing clubs than balls...probably because they're easier to see. ;)

My clubs are Airflight Clubs, designed by Brian Dubé. I like them because of the knob on the end, which makes it easier for me) to do spin tricks and whatnot. Also, they don't hurt as much when they slap into your hand as the Klassics, and I like the longer spin time vs the Dubé Euro Clubs. The Euros are the choice of a lot of pros.
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Shouldnt it be JuggleThese.net though? Can you really juggle a single item?

And as an aside, does anyone know why a search box comes up in Firefox when I try to enter an apostrophe in this metafilter text box?
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Start with three balls, then move to two balls and a club, &c. If you can manage five balls (and I unofficially gave up on that four years ago) then three clubs should be a snap. And then you can learn club passing, which is where it is at.
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Clubs are a blast, and much more visually impressive than balls, even when you're doing a simple cascade with three clubs it looks harder than juggling three balls (although it's not). Starting out is the same as for three balls, start with one club, pass it back and forth until you're consistent, then add two, and work on pass-pass-stop until you can start and stop with each hand consistently. Then either try passing around the hole, or add the third club and go for it. I don't know anyone who could juggle three balls who couldn't get clubs going in an evening.

And when you get to passing: I found clubs easier to pass than balls, although I started out passing balls because that's all I had. Passing clubs, you get good feedback on what constitutes a good pass, because it has to meet the other person's hand with the handle where they can reach it. You can see it happening, so you get great visual feedback on the consistency of your throws, and they start to converge very quickly.

I use Beard clubs, which are a lot cheaper than most (to buy) but just as durable (compared to friends with Dube, Todd Smith, etc). Most clubs (except jugglebug...) are good, so you might want to decide what to buy based on what other people you're likely to juggle with have. If everyone has the same clubs (or at the very least clubs that weigh the same), it'll make learning passing easier. And if there's a bunch of you who want to transition to clubs at once, you can probably save a bunch on shipping if you pool an order.

Obligatory Plug because i've met the proprietor: Serious Juggling. I don't get any kickbacks, he's just a really cool guy.
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