The real Da Vinci Code?
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I know who brought Leonardo's greatest drawings to Britain. I may not be a Harvard professor of religious symbology or know much about the bloodline of the Magdalene, but I do enjoy a mystery and so I set out to solve this one. And I succeeded. Final proof is elusive, always, but in this case the circumstantial evidence is so overwhelming, I think I've got my man."
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Huh? The orig. link was fine. Good article. I love The Guardian. Good football writers, too.
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Jessamyn fixed the original link. It had contained a trailing apostrophe after .html.
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Damn writers, always using a misleading hook.
[SPOILER WARNING!] The article doesn't even say a damn thing about who actually brought the bound drawings, just how the English court found out about DaVinci. I want to hear about smuggling, not who the tastemakers of the seventeenth century were.
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Kyleg: Yes, it does. Read to the bottom if you have to.
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*SPOILER* Seems to me that the evidence just as well supports the notion that a certain royal picked up the object in Madrid and that the supposed thief viewed it 1629-30 while in England.
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Yeah, CCBC, or it could be Howard. Or someone else entirely. "Then I saw these anatomically correct flayed corpses in a painting, so I decided it must be Rubens" doesn't really cut it. The piece is great otherwise, though, shame Jones felt the need to frame it that way.
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