Honda's releasing the first electric-gas hybrid car
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Honda's releasing the first electric-gas hybrid car this year. It claims to get up to 70mpg too. I love innovative vehicles and cutting edge design, but I have to admit I think it's butt ugly (although, this does remind me of my old CRX). I bet they'll want $30k-$50k for it too. So close, yet so far... (update: they want about 20 grand for it - not that bad for an electric/gas car, but it is still just a two-seater)
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We have a picture of this posted on our bulletin board at home. My wife has been waiting ages for a feasible electric car, and she loves the Insight. I, on the other hand, am a *total* victim of automotive marketing - I want this. Partially because I like the way it looks, and partially because I'm thinking of getting one of these, and it's hard to put one of these on this.
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I love the PT cruiser too, probably because I grew up on a street filled with gearheads that had all sorts of restored street rods and classic cars. Joe, if you're going to have a baby, you gotta get rid of that bike. One time, I remember my cousin was riding on one and this semi cut him off, sending him into the pavement at a speed of over....

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That new Honda looks odd.

I cannot believe you ditched your sexy CRX Matt. I'd love to drive one of those, but I'm a disabled driver and need to buy a brand new car for tax reasons. Now I can't even drive that because I can't afford insurance for the second year - it's close on $6000! That's what you get if your male and under 25 here :-(

I might be going to the US, and I'm droooooling over the sexy and much cheaper cars over there...Integras and Camaros and *drool* the Audi TT. Wow.
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