Bridges falling down
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In honor of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge, here are YouTube videos of bridges being destroyed. Only this one is sad to watch.
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god i hated that bridge.
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While the destruction of Stari Most was certainly the saddest, all of these videos were sad to watch for me (except for the unremarkable steel girder Woodrow Wilson). I love old bridges so much. It's amazing how long a properly-engineered bridge can last, and it's sad to see one being destroyed that probably has decades, if not centuries, of life left.

While those are steel truss bridges shown being destroyed, even old graceful suspension bridges are on the chopping block, such as the Waldo-Hancock Bridge in Maine. During a rehabilitation project it was determined that the cables were too far gone to save. Fortunately, some old bridges like the beautiful 1849 Wheeling, WV Suspension Bridge are still in use after rehabilitation.
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Perhaps the most famous bridge destruction was that at Tacoma Narrows.
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Don't mess with Mother Nature, or harmonics.
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I was in Mostar just a month ago. The rebuilt Stari Most is looking stunning, it's great that the money was there to rebuild it.
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First thought: cool! Second: how awful to dump all that metal into the water. Third: still cool!
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I tried to go watch them blow the thing up, but the actual explosion was behind a building... it was pretty disappointing, especially after waiting 40 minutes past when they said they were doing it.
posted by borkingchikapa at 9:59 AM on September 1, 2006 they call him Angus the Bridge Destroyer? No. But one sheep....
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When I visted SeaTac I made sure to take a trip over the New Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
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...which is now the old tacoma narrows bridge, as a new new (toll) bridge is under construction.
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Hm, the explosion of the Stari Most sounded a lot like a well known explosion sound effect.
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Can anybody explain for me why the new Wilson Bridge is better than the old one? Traffic is still just as awful as it always was.
posted by etoile at 8:39 AM on September 5, 2006

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