A guy paid $5000 to a bank
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A guy paid $5000 to a bank for a list of 4 million credit card numbers, complete with name/address of the owners. He proceeded to start making false charges to those cards totalling some $37 million. He's going to jail. My question is, what the hell was the bank thinking? Why are they selling something like that? Didn't they recognize the potential for abuse? What possible legitimate use could such a list have?
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What I don't get is, with a crime so easily traced, why the guy stayed in the country. He could have done it all from overseas, and lived forever like a king. What a dumb ass.
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The Federal Trade Commission was first alerted to the Internet scheme in 1999 when angry consumers began flooding the agency with complaints.

This is what often happens. You can't complain without having to flood. It's almost impossible for a govn't agency to act upon scams. Our company got scammed out of over 11k two months ago. We can't do anything about it. The company that did this, still operates. This guy *operated* for 8 years, how could he?

Also, Why was he offered the list? Is it not illegal?
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Not my area of competence (is any?), but I would say that those whose numbers were given by the bank ought to have a huge class action law suit going. They will win.
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Well the credit companies would be liable for any erroneous charges (not to mention the bank) so it wouldn't exactly seem to be class action time.
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What kind of a loser do you have to be to fail to make money with a porn site?
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This is great - straight from the bank's web site:

Charter Pacific is a strong proponent of the Right to Financial Privacy, and does not engage in selling any form of client data, customer profile, or other customer information to outside marketing firms or other third parties.

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What my thread is about credit card fraud and I just started working at a credit card call centre? Spooky...
posted by feelinglistless at 2:54 PM on August 28, 2001

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