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The Memory Project enlists American high school art students to paint original portraits of children in orphanages around the world. The idea for the project came about in 2004 when a Guatemalan man who had grown up in an orphanage mentioned to founder (and then University of Wisconsin student) Ben Shumaker that "he could remember little of his early years and had nothing to help him fill in the gaps." The project connects American students with orphaned children around the world. CBS News' photo essay.
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I saw this on the news earlier today - go Katie Couric!
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I love it love it love it! It's nice to see that Shumaker has really thought it through and isn't just giving them some tired old photo. A painted portrait says that time went into it, it was a personal affair. I think the children will tend to take more care with a portrait as well and it's excellent to see art students using their skills.
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oh yeah, and an excellent idea, Mr. Shumaker
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In the past few weeks, I've read several comments lamenting the effects of YouTube-related posts on MetaFilter. Can a Katie Couric/CBS News thread be far behind?
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I saw this on the news earlier today

CBS News correspondent Steve Hartman's 'The Memory Project' segment can be viewed here.
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I love this boy.
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Friends of the Orphans.
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so beautiful! thanks for posting it.
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One of our art teachers participated this past year and we have been asked to have a go at it again this year. My digital art students are going to make digital portraits. I am thrilled.
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