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David Watson's CADTutor, which deals with AutoCAD, PhotoShop, and several other design programs, is one of the most elegantly-designed tutorial sites I've ever seen.
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3DBuzz is not bad, too, and has free videos to boot.
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I just recently found out that you can get a good 3D cad package for free from Alibre. It works fairly well (if not a little slowly) on my Windows XP PC. Not sure if it's compatible with other software, but it would be a good way to learn the basics of modelling and drafting.
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Sweet - David Watson was one of my lecturers on my Masters degree in Website Architecture. A great guy.
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For quickie drawings I really like SketchUp which Google has for free now. I don't always want to mess with Autocad.
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I had a problem for years with Autocad drawings. I went to the CadTutor web site after looking to this information here and I typed my years long problem there, in a couple of hours somebody send me a solution to the YEARS MANY YEARS long problem that worked just fine.

Thank you koeselitz for posting this in here.
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Thanks too.
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You're welcome. I thought it was pretty awesome, too.
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