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News Sniffer. It's a site dedicated to monitoring news articles and discussion threads at the BBC. For censored comments from BBC news threads: Watch Your Mouth. And now it has implementation that tracks changes in news articles, to see how things are edited: Revisionista. Here's a couple of examples.
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It's like the old, dead, Winer Watcher. That was based upon Aaron Swartz's HTML Diff script.
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I work in a newspaper, and I don't have something as good as this for checking revisions, which is a part of my job. These guys could be rich if they could sell that for a Quark workflow.
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However, if this is not the way to "uncover bias"; it's a way to find dull or moronic comments that were edited, and a mildly interesting way to watch a story developing.

If they think they're going to find a smoking gun where "then Mr Bush ate a baby" becomes "then Mr Bush shared in the joy of a young life", they're badly off the mark.
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These both look like interesting features, but the whole framing of "censorship" is crap.

This is a recent "censored" comment:

Should women over 30 freeze their eggs?
Written by Daniel Greene on Thu Sep 07 15:57:18 BST 2006. 0 recommendations.

Personally, I'd like to see the Government pay for it...

Lynn Harvey, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom

The government does pay for things! Through taxes you fool! IVF is an option, not a right and the sooner "you women" recognise this sad fact the better! P.S. Men invent everything, not women.

Their poor little heads might explode at the moderation here.
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I think it's a nice companion site for the BBC threads. Like the 'School dinner' deleted comments. I was browsing through it and came across:

What a ridiculous question, 'Could school dinners be healthier?' Of course they could. What's next, 'Should the government get rid of crime?' 'Who likes good things?'

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