Transnistria Referendum
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Transnistria aka Pridnestrovie is about to hold a referendum on joining Russia. This seems to be a new method for traditional Russian imperialism. South Ossetia and Abakhazia may have their own referenda. Is this a lesson in democracy learned by Russia? Is terrorism a necessary part of the process? Previous MeFi Transnistria mention.
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How can this be a new method for Russian imperialism? Transnistria wanted to remain part of the Russian state, was instead moulded into Moldova, fought a civil war, achieved armistice, and still seeks dialogue - but Russia has not sought to start a conversation.

Is Abakhazia really the same as Transnistria? I think not. Abakhazia is a personal dictatorship run by a madman who rejected Russian entreaties for peace. Abakhazia seeks independence, not Russian satellite influence.

You should be thinking about Belarus, whose leader wants to turn his country into a part of the 'greater' Russia and have a place of power in the Kremlin. But the Transnistrian prime minister isn't even seeking that, now is he?
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Looks like it doesn't even have a border with Russia.

According to the first link, Kamchatka-raised former metalworker Igor Smirnov gave 120% in the last elections and in some regions managed to collect 103.6% of the votes.
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sour cream writes "Looks like it doesn't even have a border with Russia."

That would make it the second non-contiguous Russian territory.
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Thank God Eastern Europeans usually have white skin. Otherwise, when smug Western more-activist-than-thou types spread bigoted and prejudiced diatribes about them with no awareness of context or local perspective, they'd be called racists, and we wouldn't want that, would we.
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Not imperialism, parmanparman? Well, Russian troops have occupied the place since its first troubles with Moldova. I can't say that I really know what the inhabitants want (nor am I certain that a referendum will tell us) but the revolutionary government was installed by Russia. The President of Transnistria may desire any number of things, aside from the loot that comes from being a smugglers' haven and the payoffs from Moscow for being a Russian outpost. The referendum is on "free association" with Russia, which is seen as a prelude to outright annexation. As for Abakhazia, it's theoretically still part of the sovereign nation of Georgia, though that country has been unable to exercise any authority there. Russia has financed and armed the current gangs who run both Abakhazia and South Ossetia. Independence is one of the options being explored for these places but Russia has now introduced another possibility: annexation. Belarus is another problem, perhaps another strategy, in the Russian Great Game of Reclaiming the Empire.
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nasreddin, what are you on about?
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no awareness of context or local perspective, they'd be called racists, and we wouldn't want that, would we.

So enlighten our ignorant asses, already.
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Still nothing, nasreddin? I'm curious to know who the fuck you think you're talking to.
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