Animal prints
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Clara the rhinoceros. Hansken the elephant. Monster from the deep. Prints from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam [previously].
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Thanks for this i will save it for later
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Seeing an elephant was a rare and worldly experience in the 18th century. Thus the phrase "seen the elephant". "Seen the rhinoceros" never caught on. Nowadays we have "elephant in the room" - no one sees it.
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Great post, thanks. Perhaps I'm a bit thick, but I had to blunder around the site a bit to see where you got those images from, this looks like a good starting place to browse.

Carry on.
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Clara's story. Hansken's story. Zee monster's story.
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Wow. Lot's more in addition to animals.
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i just learned about clara this summer. a local artist, Claire Cowie, did an installation based on clara.
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