The diary of Alvin McDonald, "Chief Guide" of Wind Cave
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The diary of 17 year old Alvin McDonald is a fascinating primary document about the exploration of Wind Cave. Like Stephen Bishop at Mammoth Cave, Alvin mapped and named many of the rooms in the cave. He died of Typhoid fever at the age of 20.
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Great find, thank you.
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Here's a discussion about Ted's Caving Diary that this post reminded me of.
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This is so cool, thank you.
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Wonder if some interactive fiction writer will pick this up.
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Also of interest: Davis McCombs's Ultima Thule, which contains two narrative sonnet sequences about Mammoth Cave--the first in the voice of Stephen Bishop, and the second in the voice of McCombs himself, who worked as a guide there for a while.
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paladin, someone already did! William Crowther used his intimate knowledge of Mammoth Cave to create the seminal game Adventure!
"This reproduction is apparently so faithful that experienced cavers who have played the game but never seen the cave have been able to find their way around significant parts of Bedquilt." via
And you can play it online (flash).
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"You are reading a twisty page of Metafilter comments, all alike."
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Extra points for "batshitincave" tag.
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Great find, thanks. I used to do quite a bit of spelunking, including in Mammoth Cave. I also have a Stephen Bishop t-shirt :)
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now i'm piste, that was why I asked: this is not Mammoth Cave, but Wind Cave, so a brand new adventure.
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Hear that? that was the sound of your point going right over my head.
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