Everything you wanted to know about plants and didn't know where to ask.
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NewCROP index part of the Center for New Crops & Plant Products, at Purdue University is an amazing collection of commercial plant information. From Macadamia nuts and qinghao to Tumbleweed and Sweetgrass a broad range of plants are detailed. The information that is included for each ranges from a single paragraph for Quackgrass to dozens of internal and external links for Soybeans. Crops are listed both alphabetically by genus and common name. Warning: Web .95 navigation
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I like Web .95 - easy, clean, and faster than burnt coffee.
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Pretty interesting stuff... perhaps I'll try to plant a macadamia nut tree in my Mom's back yard.
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I've always found GLYCINE MAX to be the most badass of the agricultural latin names.
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Tumbleweeds are good soap fodder? and efficient fuel?


(and they all blow onto the same fence after drying i.e. easy harvesting!)
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This is a fabulous resource.

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