crocheted hyperbolic flora and fauna
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The Institute for Figuring presents the Crocheted Hyperbolic Coral Reef Project and Hyperbolic Crocheted Cacti and Kelp (more at this flickr gallery). If you secretly spend your evenings crocheting mathematical models, help build the coral reef or send a photo of your other creations to The People's Hyperbolic Gallery. (via Wonderland)
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A prior post on math crafts.
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This is awesome, and freaky. COOL!! Nice post.
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Thanks for the link, MetaMonkey - I loved this bit about math fashion:

... she agrees to model the hyperbolic skirt that she made for a recent talk sponsored by the Institute for Figuring in Los Angeles, after which the film director Werner Herzog took her to dinner and then kissed her good night. The skirt is made of 10 skeins of cotton yarn, each of which is 689 feet long. "The ruffles divide into other ruffles," Henderson says, as Taimina spins around the living room. "That's how you can tell it's hyperbolic." When I suggest a clothing line for mathematicians, Taimina smiles.
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I'd like to see a knit version of a coral reef Tridacna clam.

Thank you again madamjujujive.
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hortense - that is intense! I am loving the entire museum of scientifically accurate brain art that it came from - cool link, thanks!
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wow. What a cool, beautiful discovery! Thanks! (I wonder if any of this explains the meditative state I feel when really 'into' my crocheting. Hyperbolic?)
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Not knitted:Colorful, flexible seven-fold model of Arthur Young's Reflexive Universe.
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Cool, as are the additional links. (What with this and the tee-pee wedding dresses, it's been a week of Strangely Talented Craftspeople.)
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