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The Seismic Monitor is a map of recent earthquake activity. Earthquakes that have occurred in the last two weeks are depicted as circles with diameters corresponding to their magnitudes. You can click the map to zoom in on regions, and you can click the represented earthquakes to see information about them.
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Thanks, owhy, this is interesting. I tell ya, living in Tokyo certainly raises one's awareness of tremblors: the whole earthquake thing, you know, really hits home. Literally. When your house gets those little jolts and shakes, and the utensils hanging in the kitchen sway a little bit, man, that'll really get your adrenalin racing. And of course there are several red circles around Japan: daily occurences here in the Land of Wa...
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Thanks also for the USGS link, Steven C. Their interface is a little more elegant. The 2 sites complement each other nicely.
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wow, cool link Steven C. thanks!
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Thanks for this, Steven C. This is what mefi is for. A keeper for sure.
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Very nice site, Steven C. Den Beste. I'm so happy it's nice and seismically quiet downunder.
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This other site plots the same data using the Google Maps Api
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And if you look here you can find kml files to load up in Google Earth.
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This thing be glued to my desktop.
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