Google Video, now with captioning
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Selected videos with closed captioning Self-uploaded videos aren’t just for hearing people anymore. A small number of videos on Google now have captioning. You can create your own caption files, albeit laboriously.
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Interesting. As more videos are captioned, I expect Google will start attaching more relevant ads to videos, and even specific portions of videos, sort of like a hybrid between product placement and standard external advertising. I also expect they will buy a company that does captioning for TV stations (if they haven't already) and apply that technology to video uploads.
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Typical closed captioning of google videos:
  • I'm in UR baze killin UR doodz!
  • I'm, um, like, you know, dood, um, yeah!

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    And here's the Interrupting Cow Knock Knock joke without sound.
    Who needs closed captions?
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    Yes, on the few occasions that I've subtitled a video (never longer than, say, five minutes) I've found the process excruciatingly laborious - that is, manually creating and placing each title (.prtl) in Premiere. Does anyone know a faster (and preferably more intuitive) way of doing this? Ideal would be an app or tool that allows the user to "in" and "out" every title linearly, while playing the video?
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