Statement of Senator Feinstein
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Statement of Senator Feinstein opposing John Ashcroft. I hope he doesn't get in. A friend of mine told me he saw some "Roe v. Wade is dead" demonstrators on TV outside the capitol building and the first thing he thought was Triumph of the Will had descended upon Washington.
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Joshua Marshall's Talking Points has some interesting developments on Ashcroft.
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thanks rcade! all that inside manoeuvring makes my head spin, though :)

senator feinstein mentioned she got over 15,000 letters (email?) and 15,000 calls from her constituents. it's nice to see democracy in action.

i was kind of wondering though where the greens are in all of this? i know nader is laying low, but it can't be good for third party politics that there's this polarization going on.
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No more Ashcroft links until something important happens! I don't want dueling links on Senators pro and con.

That said, just because Nader isn't on the front page or on the nightly news doesn't mean he's “laying low.” He submitted an application to be a witness in both the Ashcroft and Norton hearings. He was denied on both. In the case of Ashcroft they said they weren't hearing outside witnesses, but they let Judge White in, so that seems confusing.

Nader interview in RA.

He was also at the DLC “election post-mortem” asking whether corporate cash influenced Gore’s candidacy.

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Yep, you'll notice the New York Times' article on the meeting didn't even mention that Nader was there. All the news that's fit to print -- shit.
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update! My Untold Story by Ralph Nader (via ghost rocket :)
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