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Alan Fletcher has died. One of the world's finest graphic designers, the co-founder of the legendary agencies Forbes, Fletcher & Gill and Pentagram, has left us after an 18-month battle with cancer. He leaves behind a huge amount of stunning work, and a profound influence on the world of graphic design. A retrospective of his life and work is opening in November at the Design Museum in London.
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That should be Fletcher, Forbes & Gill...
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"battle with cancer"

Why doesn't anyone just lie down, give up and die from cancer? They always supposedly fight it, battle it, etc. to the very last -- as if their dying words are "damn you cancer, I shall have my revenge!"

Not to defile this thread about this fine person I've never heard of, it's just a terrible cliché.
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I have declared war on cancer, and am currently torturing cancer survivors to see what they know.

In the meanwhile, sad news. Here was a designwer who understoodelegance, simplicity, how to communicate a clear message, and the value of good typefaces.
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I may not be a graphic designer, but The Art of Looking Sideways is one of my favourite books.
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Woah, for a moment there I thought Dr Karl Kennedy from Neighbours had died. My housemates would've been inconsolable.
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I highly recommend "The Art of Looking Sideways". It's a fat phone book sized inspiration gold mine, and a great record of this intelligent and curious man's life of looking & thinking. RIP
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His work at the V&A was extraordinary

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While you're at it, read "George, Be Careful" (George Lois) and "Forget All The Rules About Graphic Design" (Bob Gill). Some great stories by pioneers in the field back in the McMann & Tate era of the 60s.

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it's just a terrible cliché

Be that as it may, it's better than saying "he died from cancer over the course of 18 months."

And anyway, reklaw, some people do beat cancer.
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