Labor Intensive
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Labor Intensive is a new online puzzle extravaganza in the style of the MIT Mystery Hunt and the aforelinked Puzzle Boat. Appease the Gods by performing twelve puzzly labors. Good luck!
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For those who enjoyed the Puzzle Boat (The link has changed, btw), and are looking for a better place to spend your puzzle dollars than Games Magazine, Foggy (the Puzzle Boat author) is now writing the not-for-free-but-still-cheap P&A Magazine (all issues and samples PDF).

(I'm only advertising for him because I like his puzzles; I have no relationship to Foggy other than having asked him for hints occasionally)
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It's like The Fool's Errand ported to .pdf! I'll give it a shot, though I may get stumped in 5 minutes and turn to Sudoku...
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Nice find, painquale.
posted by squarehead at 3:47 PM on September 26, 2006

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