Satchmo in Music City
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Country Music in Black and White. Read the story behind the intertwined roots of Jazz and Country when Louis Armstrong famously backed up Jimmie Rodgers for Blue Yodel No. 9. Then see how he came back to the historic Ryman Auditorium to do his final concert with none other than Johnny Cash. Finally be glad that you can see this meeting of giants online.
(last link is an embedded flash movie, some sites have flash, but no noise)
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The last link is awesome. I want to see the whole episode now. Around the time of his death, I heard that the Johnhy Cash Show was going to be made available on DVD. I wonder if that's still going to happen.
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In the second hand songs link there is no actual way of downloading the song, right? Im not sure if I missed it. Ive never heard the song.
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If you're ever stuck in Nashville, the Country Music Hall of Fame (a couple blocks from Ryman) is really worth a visit, and has some good exhibits touching on this particular subject, even if you really don't like country music. I went for a wedding, had a day to kill, and figured 'what the hell- how bad can it suck?' It was really great- lots of sociological and historical context in a very modern and high-quality setting. Even if you don't like the music, understanding the history behind it was fascinating. Totally recommended.
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I believe the song is still under copyright. So I did the next best thing and gave you as many options for versions of the song as possible. How you find them is your business...
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Oh, thx, I see. I assumed being oldish it would be public domain, I'll for it. That "Blue yodel No. 9" title is a guarantee by itself, let alone having Louis Armstrong in it.
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Of course "I'll for it" means "I'll look for it."
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Wow, that was a great great video. Watching Armstrong try to yodel made me smile and then made me sad. Cash really liked to duet those Blue Yodels, he does a couple during the Nashville sessions with Bob Dylan, which I guess is no surprise given what a touchstone Jimmie Rodgers is.

It's interesting to see this post, because I've been listening to Rodgers all week for some reason, I think I went back after listening to a Roy Acuff set I just got. Anyway, it's really struck me forcefully how blues influenced Rodgers songs are. I knew that already, and I've certainly heard it before, but for some reason it's been really apparent this week.

Thanks for the post.
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Thank you...
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[this is good]
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When I first replied the video link wasnt working properly, so I didnt realize there was that version of the song. Man, that is awesome, thx for posting it.
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Excellent post. Thank you 1f2frfbf.
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Had no idea. Awesome! Thanks.
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Much appreciated!
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A stamp of approval from realcountrymusic and madamjujujive, and not a single "your favorite music sucks" comment. I feel like someone now.

*runs off to pick a fight over bands with jonmc*
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Great post! The Oxford American is one of our finest magazines, currently.

The interracial roots of country aren't well enough known in today's whitewashed Nashville pop-country world. Country-hop is where the collaborative, cross-musical-culture efforts seem to be taking place these days.
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