Arty hotel rooms
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Arty hotel rooms. Some art slightly NSFW. Previously.
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I've stayed in the Berlin one. It was very good fun, I'd recommend it. And Berlin is a fantastic city of course.
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i suppose you'd call that an Artw hotel room...
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I got to hear Geneviève Gauckler talk about this project last month, she designed the rooms 106, 203 and 303 at the hotel fox.
She mentioned that everything from the carpet, towels, bed linen to the curtains was up to her to design for each room.
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Great - thanks for that!
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Nice! Just got sucked in to gawking at the Hotel Puerta America in Madrid. Didn't bother checking out the room prices, though.
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Actually, it's interesting how many of the floors in this hotel look like 2001-ish science fiction film sets.
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Some of those Propellor Island rooms are scary.
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Those are pretty neat, though I can't imagine actually getting sleep in any of them.

Incidently, does the page repeat itself like 4 times upon scrolldown for anyone else?
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