Real Java MUD
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Not your ordinary mud volcano. This erruption might be manmade and it is quickly engulfing a large swath of Eastern Java. The putrid gas and mud have been flowing since May, and recent attempts to control the flow have led to demonstrations serious enough for the govenrment to issue "shoot-on-sight" orders. The flow could last for another hundred years.
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See also, mud volcanoes in Trinidad
posted by imposster at 11:22 AM on September 27, 2006

Well, that was fun while it lasted. I did search for it before I posted.
posted by imposster at 11:24 AM on September 27, 2006

i just made a mud volcano in the men's room. don't go in there for a couple hours till it airs out.
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Drilling for mud bunnies, were they?
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I hadn't seen the origional, and this FPP has a lot more info.

I mean, this is a crazy story. A mud volcano spewing out tons of hot mud and destroying homes and villages? That's just crazy. We're only allowed to have one post about it?
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Rebrand it to be a theraputic spa.
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Maybe the post is worth keeping just because I knew about the new "shoot-on-sight" orders before it even happened (September 28, 2006).
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They are looking to divert the mud into the sea.
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Since it appears this post won't be deleted, some links to more benign examples of 'mud volcanoes.'
-Mud volcanoes of the Caspian Desert
-Mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan

The human toll in Java is already staggering and appears only to be getting worse.
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Woot!! 100 years of free mud! How much was Dilbert selling it for?
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I spent a few days in Surabaya once. I think I prefer the mud.
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Perhaps a small nuclear explosion would seal it up.
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Real Java MUD

What's the telnet address?
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Java is prolix, tends to sprawl, and displaces native code, but I never thought to call it a mud volcano. That's good tho. And apps do seem to take a hundred years to respond sometimes. Shoot on sight is truly a sensible policy. Don't get me started on Dot-net - more like a sinkhole.
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it is quickly engulfing a large swath of Eastern Java

Geography note: Java's pretty big - 126,700 kmĀ². That's about half the size of Britain (but with twice as many people!). It's not engulfing "a large swath" by any means.

This is more like it (check the photo's caption):

The mud has now swamped an area larger than Monaco

Also, here's a blog (in Indonesian) with some photos and details.
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Anyone got a map of the afflicted area with an overlay of the mud?
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