Bicycle Love
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Taliah Lempert paints bicycles. If you were really in love, you would have your bicycle's portrait done.
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Rennie Sparks (yes, that Rennie Sparks, ya music geek) does the same thing for pets. At the moment my bike's neglected in the garage but my dog's snoozing on my feet.
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I always told people that if it's possible to love, truly love, an inanimate object then I loved my erstwhile Trek 5200. So I see nothing funny or pathetic about said portraits. That steed took me many times from La Jolla up the old highway 101 to the San Onofre power station.

(is it still possible to cycle through Camp Pendleton?)
posted by Turtles all the way down at 5:14 PM on September 27, 2006

I agree with you turtles, I think they are wonderful.
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My trusty commuter fixie gets jealous when I have affairs with my pretty one. My only geared bike just sits in the corner and pouts.
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Oh nice, he's got a Hans "no way" Rey trials bike even.
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Nice post R. Mutt. I never knew that LeMond rode a LeMond in the TdF.
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I met her at the T-Town flea market. She was very nice and her art is great.
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These are beautiful paintings. I'm compelled to point out here as well that Greg Curnoe was painting bike portraits since back in the early 70's. I'm sure Taliah Lempert is aware of his work too.
[Greg is one of my heroes - I first met him when his group, the Nihilist Spasm Band, opened for DOA in London in 1986, and thereafter hung out with his kids while growing up there. He was passionate about our worn-down Ontario town, and about bikes, painting and riding them. Then he was killed while riding out in the countryside with his cycling club, run down by some guy in a pickup who wasn't paying enough attention]
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I saw this on a postcard from Reload. So now I know where it comes from — thanks!
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