January 25, 2001
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Malawi's albinos are discriminated against. People are suspicious of their pale skin and yellow hair. so they've formed the Albino Association of Malawi which is lobbying for such rights as an end to workplace discrimination and government aid for their unique medical needs. the ministry of health considers the group's demands reasonable and is working on solutions which would include education for comunities on how to look after albino children.
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An example they give of an albino Malawian who "succeeded against the odds" performs as "Geoffrey 'Yellowman' Zigoma."
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Is there a higher than average % of Albinos in Malawi?

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well... your buddy & mine, jorn, helped me find this article on albinos in africa. it includes some more info.
Zimbabwe alone is estimated to have 4,000 albinos. Yet ignorance about this medical condition is still rampant throughout Africa. Social attitudes towards albinos range from lack of understanding, fear of the unknown and prejudice.
what's the word for being fascinated, but probably too much or for no real reason? i want to say i'm feeling that about this idea of white skinned black people & the misconceptions & prejudices other africans have about them. it's a little indulgent.
In Malawi, it is common belief that albinos have a low brain capacity and unable to function at the same level as "normal people"
it just sounds so familiar.

another interesting article [w/ clear photo] is what kind of black are you?
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