Christopher Morris's "My America"
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"Then my photography started to shift; everything had to be very clean and Republican, straight and perfect... Everything is staged and controlled... It's the complete opposite of war photography."
War photographer Christopher Morris's new exhibit and book: "My America".
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Morris in Iraq


The Battlefields of Christopher Morris


Thumbnails (war images, graphic)
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the VII photographers (Eugene Richards is a new member, not pictured in the link)
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I'll have to browse through all of this more later, but my first impression is that it's an updated version of Robert Frank's The Americans.

Which I mean as a compliment.
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Lots of shots cropped at the nose or chin; lots of people turned away from the camera. So it's mainly photographs of suits and uniforms and podiums - the "theatrics of power" as they say. I like it.
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I just saw Chris speak at the recent VII seminar at Parsons School of Design - great guy and funny as hell. Pretty darn good photographer too...
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Impressive. Thanks, matteo.
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Lots to appreciate here.
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Thanks, matteo, off the top I like this one and this one.
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is that FLOTUS cleavage? hot!

stammer: check out the article in the first link. the commentary on the plasticity/fakeness of the environment around the prez has a lot to do with the framing and subject matter.

good times, thanks matteo.
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What group of people is that in the second image taosbat linked?
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Those are West Point cadets, luftmensch.
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War photographers are a strange breed. They justify risking their lives in hope of changing the world - yet it seems his most controversial and arresting photo's are not of war, but of normal people.
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These are amazing. The secret service dudes in odd places look posed and so comical. The theatrics of power indeed.
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I wanted to order the book right away, but it looks like it won't be released until the end of October.
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Nice, thanks.
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My heart leapt when I saw this, as I thought it was going to be about Chris Morris. Now there's a guy you definitely don't want taking war photography. Although... No. No. Bad idea.

If you haven't illegally downloaded all the Blue Jam radio shows and listened to them until you puked -- you should. I liked this very wrong skit so much that I felt the need to transcribe it.
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excellent photos, thank you.
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That's as close as I ever want to get to GWB's crotch, thanks very much.
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From the first link:

"In one of Hasted's favorites, pieces of tape on the carpet mark positions for 'The President' and 'Mrs. Bush.' "

(Referencing this picture)

I saw this very type of staging when I worked a Presidential event a few months ago (self link).
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