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The NSA Bibliographies The NSA internally publishes thousands of papers every year, on every topic from spycraft to cryptography to physics & aliens (no, really!). Each year the titles of these papers gets indexed & those indexes are also published internally. The Memory Hole has made a successful FOIA request for a large number of these, spanning almost 50 years. We don't get to see the actual papers, but just the titles are fascinating - including such page turners as "Computer Virus Infections: Is NSA Vulnerable?", "KAL 007 Shootdown: A View from [redacted]", "NSA in the Cyberpunk Future", "Telephone Codes and Safe Combinations: A Deadly Duo", "Coupon Collecting and Cryptology", "Cranks, Nuts, and Screwballs" & my personal favorite, "Key to the Extraterrestrial Messages". When you're done browsing the titles, there's a sample form you can use to request some of the documents yourself!
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Is Yugoslav President Tito Really a Yugoslav?
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posted "'Key to the Extraterrestrial Messages'"

They used the definitive article?
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Considering they're willing to redact parts of titles, I have a feeling the extraterrestial articles (I found 2) aren't exactly the scoop some would think they are. I'm sure in ten years some guy writing FOIA forms everyday will eventually get a nice number theory article on why primes are the best way to chat with ET. Or the results of an internal competition to crack simulated ET messages.
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"Boners Wanted"
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zorro astor writes "'Boners Wanted'"

That's NSA, or ex-Congressman Mark Foley?
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One document clearly notes the Isreli blunder in attacking the American spy ship, anchored off the waters of Egypt. That incident involves the SS Liberty, which, according to so many, was a deliberate attack upon an American ship by the Israelis. This document indicates what others have long said: it was an unfortunate accident.

ps: if you can get what you see here via FOI, believe me you are not going to get what they do not want you to see in any readable form. One document, though, they have made avaiable and can be found online, refers to their requesting the incoming president--President George W. Bush--to allow listening in on suspected terrorists without a court approval...this is now of course done and those on the Left assume it is because of Biush. But it was requested PRIOR to 9/11!
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Postroad, you do know that Bush was in office prior to 9/11, right?
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From Wired News: Peek at NSA's Secret Reading List
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They used the definitive article?

My thought, exactly.
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[Redacted]! [Redacted], [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]? [Redacted] [redacted], [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted].

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