"What's all this FPP stuff anyhow?"
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Analog by Design: Reality TV for Design Engineers (autoloads Flash with sound). Author, self-proclaimed Czar of Bandgaps, and minor hero to many scientists and engineers Robert Pease now has an online video podcast.
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Dry and geeky as they come, but minute 5:00 of the low-noise amp(big .wmv) episode featuring one design engineer shamefully admitting "Yes, I'm the noise boy" either does it for you or not, I suppose.
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I am as dry and geeky as they come myself -- a couple of years ago I designed my own video frame grabber with a really weird mix of TTL and an 80's-era ADC just to prove I could do it -- but the preview clip made my eyes bleed.
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"I really do like SOLDERING as my programming language."

Amen, brother. Unless you grew up around wire wrapped boards, you have no idea how profound a statement that is.
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I'd never seen that before paulsc. Hilarious, but I'm yet another solder monkey.
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Aaand I just clicked on the link. As an autodidact electrical engineer who thought weed and IT were good enough for an undergrad degree, the sight of these podcasts caused me to let out a squee that made the dog next door bark. This is some great stuff.
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These are pretty cool!

The low noise amp episode didn't really talk that much about, y'know, low-noise filter design though. :-/
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