Sweden Names a New PM
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At 1400 CET today, (in Swedish) the Swedish Riksdag is expected to elect Fredrik Reinfeldt (again, in Swedish) as Swedish Prime Minister, replacing Göran Persson, the Social Democrat who has been in power for 12 years. Reinfeldt is head of the Alliance of four "borgerliga" (literally, non-socialist) parties who won a majority of seats in the riksdag on the September 17th election. The alliance promises "a better government than the ruling left-wing cartel."
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Cue furniture joke in 10, 9, 8...
posted by i_cola at 4:24 AM on October 5, 2006

I'm just sad the pirates^ didn't get any seats. Arrr!
posted by jeffburdges at 4:30 AM on October 5, 2006

Thank God! Sweden's been a total shithole for long enough!

Disclaimer: Everything I know about Sweden I learned from a Finn who drinks too much.
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Mayor Curley, we don't come in any other shape...
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But only too much is enough for us...
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Wow, one of the links above is to the Freedom News Network, which appears to be a real rabid weirdo site.

Crowds are now gathering in the streets of Stockholm to greet the Liberators.

Sure. Nothing's as refreshing for those that wish to grind the faces of the poor as being liberated from social responsibility, childcare, pensions, unemployment benefits, awkward environmental rules etc. Go Sweden! Get "Moderating" those achievements the rest of the world envies so much.
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Get "Moderating" those achievements the rest of the world envies so much

Hopefully the populace will watch carefully and not fall back into complacency. A little shake-up may be beneficial - 12 years in power is a long time for a government to resist the apple.
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we have four cold cold years ahead of us. I hope they won't manage to fuck up everything.

btw, Freedom News Network is satire.
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I love Sweden, and I'm eyeing a post-grad fellowship in Stockholm three years down the line. I guess one of the things i love about the place is social welfare system, but the Swedes need to decide these things for themselves, not for lefty Americans to have something to bring up during arguments with Republicans.
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This Sweden, is that in Utah somewhere? Surely someone didn't post news from outside the United States?
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I'm currently in Sweden. People here are BUMMED THE FUCK OUT about this. The conservatives ("moderates") here have only been in power 4 years out of the last 20-odd years, and only for maybe 12 of the last 80... (timeline here. WP here)

People are really worried that the conservatives will privitize a bunch of things (hospitals, e.g.) as they did the last time they were in power; selling off state assets at a hugely discounted price. It's quite interesting to hear people talk about how the governmental changes will directly affect their lives, which in my experience almost never happens in the US.
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