Bath of Fire: The Worst and Most Forgotten Mass Murder of American Children
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America's worst school violence ever was not a recent event, but the Bath School disaster of 1927. Andrew Kehoe, a school board member upset with his tax bill, used dynamite and some pyrotol from WWI-era military surplus to blow himself up along with the elementary school of Bath Township, Michigan, leaving 45 dead and 58 injured. See a 1927 book on the disaster, a list of victims, the coroner's inquest, a historical marker, a memorial park, an oral history from a witness, and a 1920s KKK rant denouncing Kehoe as an agent of the Roman Catholic conspiracy.
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I was surprised by this myself, but there were more children killed during this event than as a result of the Oklahoma City bombing, although I don't have data on the ages of victims from 9/11. Nineteen children were killed as a result of the bombing of the Murrah building, which was less than the death toll among children in the Bath school bombing.
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From the title, I thought this was going to be about the Branch Davidian siege.
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This is a much better post than the last time the Bath School Disaster was posted.
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There's an excellent Wikipedia article on the topic.
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Yeah i just got done reading the wikipedia article, it is REALLY well written. I had never heard about this thanks for the post.
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I swear I saw this on the front page just a few weeks ago. Did another recent post get deleted as a double, or am I going crazy?
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I read the first book on this subject at the Library of Congress about 15 years ago. I am still shocked.
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nanojath, I saw that, too. It was a comment in another thread. It was posted in October of 2002 as a front-page post.
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My daughter used to live directly across the street from the site of the old school. I've read several articles about the event. One of the most disturbing is that Mr Kehoe destroyed everything he had of value so his estate would be worthless. This included all his animals, vehicles, farm buildings and wife.
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Blowing up kids is bad enough, but this guy tied up horses and burned them alive. I don't think that's nice at all. Who did he think he was?
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But.. but... I thought things like this didn't happen back in the Good Ol' Days tm? Clinton wasn't even born yet; how can I blame this on him?
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Blame it on video games Keswick! Spacewar was just around the corner.
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Anyone notice his last words? (from the wiki) "Criminal are made, Not born."

Very interesting stuff!
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In the first link, they sure dramatized it up, no?

“Damn bastards!’ he hissed. He accidentally kicked over a bucket of feed which he then picked up and threw at the wall. “Bastards!” he screamed.

"They never learn! They never learn!” he repeated over and over again.

I know he was bat-shit-evil-insane, but the Crime Library is usually not so...pulpish and hyperbolic, am I right?
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