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The Kameny Papers Project preserved and presents the papers of gay rights pioneer Franklin Kameny, who had activists picketing the White House in 1965, well before Stonewall. The website includes a nice archive of his papers, including correspondence, a small photo gallery, and some charming hate mail from members of Congress. See also the Franklin Kameny pages at the Rainbow History Project. Yesterday, the Library of Congress accepted Kameny's papers. [via Andrew Sullivan]
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A wonderful post. Thank you.
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Great stuff. Watching Frank Kameny speak frankly and proudly on talk shows back in the '60s helped me become part of the first generation of American gay kids who were able to come out with zero guilt and self-loathing. I am very grateful for his bravery.
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Wow. Those guys picketing the WH in 1965 were pretty courageous. I wonder who they all are.
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(we're still waiting on those equal rights, by the way.)
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... Kameny, who had activists picketing the White House in 1965, well before Stonewall.

Just had to interject a bit of eponysterical trivia: kamenny in Russian means "stony" or "resolute."
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Thanks so much for this. My ex was employed by a defense contractor in the 1980s, and Frank Kameny helped him get his security clearance. Kameny's a great man, and I'm glad that his place in history is being recognized.

I wonder if my ex is somewhere in these archives :-)
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That hate mail was indeed charming. Thanks for this.
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From the correspondence section, Letter to Nevin Feather from Robert M. Holmes, Director of Personnel and Personnel Security Officer, Library of Congress, dated June 28, 1962:
It has been reported that during 1961 you disclosed to representatives of another government agency that, on a couple of occasions, you had permitted a man to perform a homosexual act (fellatio) on you. Also, that you related that you find members of the male sex attractive; that you have been in bed with men; and that you have enjoyed embracing them. [...]

If the above report is true, then please explain your negative answer to that part of item 20 on the Standard Form 89, "Report of Medical History," which reads "Have you ever had or have you now homosexual tendencies."
Yikes. Imagine the hot water he'd have been in if he'd permitted a communist to perform a homosexual act (минет) on him. And enjoyed it, damn it.
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