One-eyed Charlie
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In 1955 the Pajero Valley Historical Association erected a monument... which reads : * "Charley Darkey Parkhurst (1812-1879) Noted whip of the gold rush days drove stage over Mt. Madonna in early days of Valley. Last run San Juan to Santa Cruz. Death in cabin near the 7 mile house. Revealed 'one eyed Charlie' a woman. First woman to vote in the U.S. November 3, 1868."
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I bow to our stagecoach-driving, one-eyed, crossdressing, sneaking-in-the-vote Overlords.

Also, These Stagecoaches, they vibrate?
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There was another famous Mountain Charley/Charlie in the Santa Cruz mountain area, also connected with stagecoaches, also blind in one eye. In the town where I grew up, I was most familiar with this namesake for the local saloon (briefly famous in the late 70's for its belly bucking contests). Never heard of the other one until now.
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Yes, its hould be "Pajaro" (that's how the river and valley is spelled), but 2 of the links (where I lifted the quote) spell it "Pajero".
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Miscegenation would be one possible reason for growing up in an orphanage.
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This is a neat post, thanks.
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Good post, thanks!
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