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We all know what it is. We've all seen it, or heard of it. Maybe it's hard to talk about it. At any rate, we don't, generally. Or at least we're said not to. In fact, it seems that we do refer to it pretty often. It's interesting how all of the uses end up pointing to problems in the pachyderm population itself, from population pressures to captivity. Of course, the Victorians started the tradition with a particular item of interior furnishings, which forms the basis of a game, and may be the foundations of pachyderm communications.
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This jumped the shark a few FPPs back.
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argh. make it stop!
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well, it's a slow day on mefi. So I welcome the elephants.
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The phrase "Seen the Elephant" was common in pre-Civil War America. - it meant someone who was worldly and been around (elephants were so rarely seen).
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Did I miss the secret memo?
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Ah! Thank you, stbalbach, for elucidating a Terry Pratchett phrase: "so they went the long way, and saw the elephant".
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