Grey as a mouse, Big as a house.
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Oliphaunts were one of the many amazing sights Sam Gamgee wished to see when he left The Shire. He immortalized the mighty beast in a song, and many other have paid tribute over the years. Origami, a design firm, and even a political cartoonist, it is clear that everyone who's anyone loves them some Oliphaunt. They even have their own urban dictionary entry, and a rather unflattering variant. Be careul not to confuse them with the Mastodon. Nor should be they be considered simple war elephants. The Oliphaunt towers over them all.
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someone, please, make it stop
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someone, please, don't make it stop for an interesting post like this one.
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Oliphaunts > Elephants > Elephant Hatters > Elephant Haters
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And don't forget Laurence Oliphant.
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Timothy Olyphant.
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Once I confused these with a simple war elephant. Learnt me a lesson that day I did.
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What was it like?

My grandfather once confused the two, now when anyone mentions an animal larger than a house cat he tears off his clothes, sets them alight and runs screaming down the street.
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See also Heffalump.

And props for the Mastodon ('is fucking metal') link.
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