"Saw you in a mag, smoking a fag, kissing a man."
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Youtubefilter: Minor Threat doing 12xu
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Class. What is the first line though- "1,2, ecu?"
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D'oh! DIsregard the stupid question. The title of the song should have given it away. Weird, listened to this a million times and never tied it in to the title.
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Love will tear us apart.
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For others wondering about that song title, some discussion.
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Wire, the band behind the original 12XU, is famous for multiple versions of its songs. One of its later albums, Drill (1998), was nine different versions of the same song. This in turn inspired the tribute album Dugga Dugga Dugga (1998), on which fourteen bands performed their own versions of Drill. This was followed up by A Houseguest's Wish (2004), where nineteen bands covered Wire's single Outdoor Miner, originally from the 1978 album Chairs Missing.

(Not forgetting the Ex-Lion Tamers, a band who used to perform, live and in the right order, the whole of Wire's first album Pink Flag, down to the correct lengths for the pauses between the songs.)

And no mention of Wire covers is complete without a quick point of the finger to the intro to Elastica's single Connection (plagiarism case settled out of court).

They're a band that has inspired a lot of imitation, is what I'm saying.
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Oop. Drill was 1988, not 1998.
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Or even 1991. I'm going to bed now.
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Think of a number,
divide it by two,
something is nothing,
nothing is nothing.
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I feel mysterious today...
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Whew. I thought for a minute that this was some weird callout.
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