god damn how good at animation french students are.
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Another fucking elephant post. This one however is followed up by a link to inhumanly good animation done by another French dude at the same company.
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In light of Metafilter Elephant Day, I hereby submit this excellent elephant-oriented Orwell essay.
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Let's keep this one Matt. We need more f-bombs on the front page. tia!
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baise les francaise!
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potty mouth.
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I admit it: I laughed when I thought the elephant had hit the ground and died.
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Anybody remebers that French cartoon animation taking place in Paris? It was a love story, the music score was a song by Piaf. I think it was posted on Mefi.
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hushyourface and think about the elephant.

(and watch mange)
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Ah, nevermind, I got it.
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NewBornHippy - it's called A Quoi Ca Sert L'amour, and it's linked in the FPP above, under the words "link to"
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oh right, you actually wanted to know what that was! I thought you were being snarky.
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Yeah, I know *embarassed laughter*... Thank you.

I'm going through one of "these" and I really needed to watch this (weird to feel like you're sixteen again.)
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Get out before the throwing things part!
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Or just be patient with the mad shit, since she'll be coming back to you.
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Oh, no mad shit yet -- just, you know, don't eat, sleep, work or think. You see that person for a couple hours that last like 2 seconds, and when you part away, 20, no 10, minutes later the separation becomes unbearable. It will be violent and will burn me to the ground -- as usual, I just thought it'd never happen to me again.

OK, we're officially derailling now and we're turning this elephant post into a teenadvise thread.
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Lovely. (But did anyone notice that only one of the elephant's feet makes a noise?)

Good luck with the luuuurve, NewBornHippy!
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I did! :)
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Please, please, for those of you old enough, where are all the elephant jokes?
"Why do elephants have flat feet? From jumping out of trees to stamp out flaming ducks."
But I can't remember why ducks flame.
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:-( I love heffalumps.
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And, here:

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glad this is and old post. my apologies, i give up.
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