My roommate got a pet elephant. Then it got lost. It's in the apartment somewhere
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"My roommate got a pet elephant. Then it got lost." (For weeks I've been collecting special elephant links for a FPP; I guess I'm late again. So here we go.) Time for a Thai Massage (Includes a Thai Massage). Elephants on LSD. Elephants playing soccer. And Elephant encyclopedia. Christopher Bahn posted a large collection of Links about Elephants on “Incoming Signals”. Off-subject: Crazy German bikers, female bodybuilders and Velada Romántica
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297 mg of acid followed by 2800mg of thorazine followed by an "unspecified amount" of mainlined pentobarbitol? Sheeit, no wonder Tusko kicked it.
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Wow, I've never read the backstory on the Elephant+LSD experiment.

I'd always assumed that it committed suicide like John C. Lilly's dolphins supposedly did. But I can't seem to easily find any supporting links for that easily, so maybe that's false, too.

I also didn't realize that it was physically possible to overdose from LSD:
Albert Hofmann wrote, in Chapter 2 of "LSD My Problem Child",

"The weight of this animal was determined to be 5,000 kg [inconsistent with the weight published in the original paper], which corresponds to a lethal dose of 0.06 mg/kg. Because this involves only a single case, this value cannot be generalized, but we can at least deduce from it that the largest land animal reacts proportionally very sensitively to LSD, since the lethal dose in elephants must be some 1,000 times lower than in the mouse. Most animals die from a lethal dose of LSD by respiratory arrest."
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Better late than never...oh, and, well played.
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