Reject the old ways of the Jedi. Become a Babarist!
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Looking for a new religion? Something to save your soul? Do you like Elephants? Then consider becoming a Babarist, a new religion that is seeking to spread the word of Babar. Followers seek to influence and enhance every facet of their lives by asking "What would Babar do?"
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Sorry. I was born a Pooh and I'll die a Pooh.
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No, not Babar. I'd be up for membership in the cult of Baloo, though (the Disney movie version, not Kipling's original character). We would focus on the bare necessities.

"In case you haven't noticed, kid, I'm no wild animal. Except at parties."
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Ganesh is displeased.
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There are some that claim that Babar represents colonial elitism, and celebrates French annexation of parts of Africa. Here is the NYRB piece on the books.

I'm more of a 'What would Katharine Hepburn do?' kind of a gal.
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I'm definitely a What Would Judas Do kinda guy.
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