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I don't know if "Wag The Elephant" is a functional metaphor for this. But maybe I'm being too literal.

Hopefully the politicians won't use this as an excuse to say "Oops, sorry Iraq. Looks like we have to cut all the aid and redirect it to attack Iran. Good luck with all that rebuilding."

Aw, heck. Probably a bunch will. Probably a lot of them will be democrats.
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That's a neat Elephant decanter, btw.
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Not gonna happen.

Iraq, run by a majority government which has closer ties to Iran than the United States, will explode in uncontainable violence if we bomb Iran. They will talk tough, but do nothing. Imagine this--Iran dresses its elite Revolutionary Guard in civilian clothes and sends them accross the border with one a
AK each. Get it? You'll have the last heliocopter off the embassy roof in a year if you do that.
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1. Sad, that we are all going to die.

2, Sadder still, is Bush and many of his "good buddies" have access to underground bunkers. I do not. Nor do I have stockpiles of gold, as does Bush ( the majority of the Bush family wealth is in gold, and Treasury notes.)

3. I brought this up in 2004, as did many.
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YES! My elephant post rated an inline-image!
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what's all this elephant posting about
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homunculus: It doesn't have to be Rove and Co. According to The One Percent Doctrine, when OBL released his October 2004 video, the immediate consensus at the CIA was that he did so in order to help Bush's chances of reelection. Seems to me the North Koreans could be doing something similar here.
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what's all this elephant posting about

um... elephants.
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Can we please go back to ignoring the elephant in the room?
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Oh God, please, please, please don't let this weak elephant treacle bleed over into another day.
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what's all this elephant posting about

People being goofballs. Ignore it and it will go away.
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Metafilter: People being goofballs.
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Metafilter: ignore it and it will go away.

From the Hersch post, dated April 8, 2006:

“The best terror network in the world has remained neutral in the terror war for the past several years,” the Pentagon adviser on the war on terror said of Hezbollah. “This will mobilize them and put us up against the group that drove Israel out of southern Lebanon. If we move against Iran, Hezbollah will not sit on the sidelines. Unless the Israelis take them out, they will mobilize against us.” (When I asked the government consultant about that possibility, he said that, if Hezbollah fired rockets into northern Israel, “Israel and the new Lebanese government will finish them off.”)

I think Israel and Lebanon wanted very much to "finish them off" but it's hard to step on a distributed bug.
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Craniac, is the burden of your comment that the Israeli invasion of Lebanon was meant to set up an American attack on Iran by crippling Hezbollah in advance, and thereby removing the threat of terror from them in response to an attack on Iran?

If so, it's as good an explanation as I've seen for that seemingly foolish war.
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