First off, let me say that I love the Simpsons
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First off, let me say that I love the Simpsons more than any other TV show I've ever seen. I've been enjoying their new site since they relaunched it last week, taking the quizzes (best score so far an 8 out of 10), checking out the anniversary stuff, and even coveting some stuff in the store. I notice they're giving away email, but it requires you to setup a free dialup account with 1stup. I'm on a cable line and don't have a modem, so I guess I don't get a free email account, but what disturbs me about the free simpsons ISP account is the ad interface. It features a "health meter" to make sure you're clicking enough ads to please the ISP, sort of turning annoying web ads into tamagotchis. Isn't looking at ads enough? Since when should you force users to click on ads just to continue their use of the product? Let's hope this isn't a trend that will spread.
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