History of pets in America
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This image was on the announcement postcard for this show. I loved it so much I still have it hanging in my office. Anyone suggesting that it is a self-portrait is shot on sight.
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Canned dog food first appeared in the 1910s...

...so there's really no excuse for any senior citizen to go hungry.
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This is cool; I just wihs I had known about it a year ago, so that I could have seen it in person when it was still at USC. I see that one of its stops is the National Heritage Museum, which I highly reccommend to anyone in Boston.
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Woot! Woot! Gamecocks represent!
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let me say this ... whoever invented clay kitty litter was an idiot.
I started using Feline Pine about a year ago and have never been so happy with a box of shit sitting next to my washing machine.
The stuff doesn't stink comapared to clay, clumping, or funky white crystal litter. There's no dust to speak of, it doesn't track anywhere, and can be flushed easily.
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Metafilter: a box of shit sitting next to my washing machine
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a box of shit sitting next to my washing machine

...so there's really no excuse for any senior citizen to go hungry.
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I recently switched from clumping litter to crystals after I read about just how bad the silica dust in clay litter is, plus I hated the way the cats always tracked it around. My cat (I only had one at the time) hated the Feline Pine pellets when I tried it a few years ago, although I may try the Feline Pine Scoopable.
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If you pine for your feline, get her back with Feline Pine Scoopable:
A Canadian company, Sanimal Inc., was putting 40,000 pounds of dead dogs and dead cats into its dog and cat food every week, until discontinuing the practice in June 2001. "This food is healthy and good," said the company's vice president of procurement, responding to critics, 'but some people don't like to see meat meal that contains any pets."
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I remember once, growing up, having to stop my sister from accidentally eating canned cat food. She had mistaken it for canned tuna (well, actually, it *WAS* canned tuna, just made for the feline, not the human, set). She tried to argue that even if she had eaten it it wouldn't have been a big deal since it was essentially the same ingredient. in both products I've always wondered if that was true...
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Through the 1960s, scores of small companies existed that used local butchering scraps along with meat not popular for human consumption to manufacture pet food.

That's putting a positive spin on it.
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Surely it's Soylent Grey And Gigantic that contains elephants.
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Listen, man...I've walked enough dogs that eat their own and other dogs' shit withouth batting an eye to realize that you can feed a dog anything pretty much.
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My frugal Yankee father, observing my dog sneak cat turds out of the litterbox: "Looks like you've got a good system they-ah; don't have to clean the cat box, don't have to buy dog food."
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Dogs love doing that for whatever reason. My sister calls it "Kitty Roca".
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Pets eating things often seem to form disgusting systems.

At one point I lived with one cat that like to puke (I think usually from eating too fast), and one that liked to eat it. Licked the carpet clean. Terribly convenient.
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Nice post mediareport!

quonsar - I've already promised that I'll buy premium cat food for mum when she goes broke.
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