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Choose and Watch Television stations streaming effortlessly to your computer. (via A Welsh View)
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A conspicuous amount of adult material there....
posted by RubberHen at 8:56 AM on October 10, 2006

From the "Problems" page:

Problem: My problem is not in this list.
Solution: Start using Internet Explorer.

posted by uncleozzy at 9:12 AM on October 10, 2006

Only like, two of the channels worked. :(
posted by Cyclopsis Raptor at 9:51 AM on October 10, 2006

Pretty cool, every channel I've tried works. I haven't checked the porn though, probably some kinda catch there. The backyard wrestling channel works well *giggle*
posted by bob sarabia at 10:20 AM on October 10, 2006

Is it just me or does old school porn just not cut it anymore?
posted by paxton at 10:32 AM on October 10, 2006

My Favorite is "Lost Productivity TV". It features webcam footage of people watching all the other channels.
posted by CynicalKnight at 11:01 AM on October 10, 2006

It looks like they're doing Professor Moriarty on Movies -> Mystery Channel right now. The SF channel is good/bad, too.
posted by loquacious at 11:33 AM on October 10, 2006

If you have Xbox Media Center (XBMC), there are scripts to allow over 250-300 TV domestic and world stations to stream right there in your living room. Definitely an option for the home tinkerer.

There's a lot of good streaming sites on the net, though. WWITV being among the best.
posted by vanadium at 12:40 PM on October 10, 2006

I think the FPP needs editing. I'd suggest we change it to:

"Choose and Watch. Television stations streaming quite difficultly to your computer. (especially if you're not using IE on Windows)"
posted by Jimbob at 3:37 PM on October 10, 2006

It works fine for me with FireFox, but then I have only watched the news channels (yay BBC!).
posted by caddis at 3:40 PM on October 10, 2006

Oh, crash! Nifty.
or. not.
posted by BrodieShadeTree at 4:43 PM on October 10, 2006

So far so good... 400 KB/sec. Not brave enough to try the porn channels, though.
posted by chitlin at 5:01 PM on October 10, 2006

I opened up one and agree with Paxton.

Sometimes it just seems like....Sex in the vein of Ultimate Fighting -- with some guy "hammering" away on some grimacing glossy chick - Yawwwn.
posted by RubberHen at 5:06 PM on October 10, 2006

Thanks! Tried a few on firefox, works just fine, so far...
posted by harrisb01 at 11:05 PM on October 10, 2006

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