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Games games games. You've probably seen some of them before. But they're all based on good physics.
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Line Rider Jumps the Shark
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If you like those you might also enjoy Hyperbol, the physics based 2d space combat is all about playing with gravity (via).
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-This is good-
A bit perverse of you to post on Monday morning, but still good.
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Still no decent grappling hook games? Meh.
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bobobox, that was awesome.

As for the link... to many "must download to play" games. Boo!
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Thanks bobobox, that was fab.

Laser beams!
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I tried the These Little Pigs one as a lark. I thought the entire design was low-contrast beautiful and the game was pretty simple & novel. What I don't get is why he said "Don't play this if you just got dumped or something, you'll probably end up wanting to kill yourself." Uh, what?
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I spent an obscene amount of time watching line rider videos on youtube.

Btw, if you want to make a good track-- a couple of techniques (aside from saving often):

1: Hold down the left mouse button, move the mouse to start the line, right click. When the menu comes up, let go of the left mouse button, then left-click again on the screen to draw a perfectly straight line.

2: Draw curves using straight lines at a tangent. As long as you keep the angles very obtuse, line-rider will be able to take the curves at basically any speed.
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Some good games here, but I wish the Teagames ones didn't run soooooo slowly for me.
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PhET, the University of Colorado's Physics Education Technology project, has some interesting interactive physics simulations.
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