Patriot Detail
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Farewell on a Dark Tarmac When American service members are killed in Afghanistan or Iraq, people from their base form a Patriot Detail, an ad hoc honor guard that escorts the flag-draped coffin to the airplane that will carry their body home. A reporter recently observed one of the ceremonies; some earlier descriptions.
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A heart-rending article, reminiscent of Ernie Pyle at his best. That the deceased was an airman on ground combat duty slams home how Operation Iraqi Fuq'P has drained the manpower of the Army and Marines.
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Not really. The 824th Security Forces Squadron is referred to as Air Force Light Infantry. Their main job is to protect airbases and in Vietnam their tactics included daylight recon patrols, forward observation posts during the day and listening posts at night, operation of tactical motor patrols with gun jeeps, sweep and clear operations, relocation of areas of population, and the use of the primary tactic in active defense operations: The ambush patrol.

The Myspace page for one of the Airmen I ran across looking that up already has "Doin it for Chavis" as it's headline.
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Very sad.
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Nice piece, thanks.
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