The Super Swedish Angel
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Had he not died in 1971, Tor Johnson would be 103 today. Who could forget his face? Or that it makes a great mask? Don't we often think back fondly on his remarkable filmography? He made a great partner for Bela Lugosi! Who could forget that he tended to break toilet seats when he sat on them, and so would often steal them?
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Had he not died in 1971, Tor Johnson would be 103 today.

A little long distance electrodes shot into the pineal and pituitary gland of the recently dead does wonders. Tor could very well still be out there. Waiting. Biding his time.

Colonel Tom Edwards: This is the most fantastic story I've ever heard.
Jeff Trent: And every word of it's true, too.
Colonel Tom Edwards: That's the fantastic part of it. imdb
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He was pretty good at surviving atomic blasts as well.

Can you prove it didn't happen?
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I adore the scene in The Unearthly (oh man, the gland), where Tor utters one of his very rare spoken lines: "Time for go to bed". It was my Mac shutdown sound for years. Tor was also a favorite subject of the artist Drew Friedman, but I had no luck locating an example online.
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What a wonderful post, I love stuff like this.
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The Unearthly is still one of my favorite MST3K episodes.
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I was always a fan of The Beast of Yucca Flats myself.
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Great post, AZ! Timely, since I will be answering the door next Tuesday as Tor.
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dammit man! i clicked on that face link and nearly jumped out of my skin. gaaahhhh!
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This guy was awesome. What a face!
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Now this is an awesome post.
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The Swedish Angel strikes again! Happy birthday, Tor.
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