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Amie Street: "[A] recently launched music Web site that carries independent -- and mostly little-known -- artists, is trying an unusual model for selling music. Instead of selling songs at one fixed price, the site determines prices for songs based on how frequently they're downloaded." [WSJ link].
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And in more digital download news: The online, indie record store InSound has announced it will start offering its inventory as downloads. But unlike its competitors, where you can cherry pick single songs, InSound will only offer up full albums.
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Your favorite band sucks
(in the way it distorts the pricing structure)
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pretty interesting. I had a hard time finding out how purchases affect the song price; it looks like a more-purchased song is higher in price (the artificial-scarcity model) rather than lower in price (the recouping-fixed-costs model).
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So you're saying writing the 2.5 minute pop gem is more profitible than the long-form experiment in sound? Well, I never!
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Hattifattener, it seems reasonable; music has very low fixed costs, and if a track is more popular, they can justify charging a higher price for it.

I'm a children's musician on the weekends, and have been looking for a good site like this -- I think I'll be posting a song or two. Not that lots of people go to sites like this looking for children's music, but at least I'll stand out to those who do.
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It's all a lot of fun, but nobody can make a living at pennies per song unless they are selling millions. I'm not sure why anyone not selling millions seriously considers these sorts of models.

Better to ask more money per fan- as in sponsorships. Then the 50 people who love you might actually be helping.

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