(Relation)ships passing in the night
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Kizmeet. Craigslist's "Missed Connections" can be an entertaining read, but it ain't exactly efficient if you're actually trying to locate that tempting hottie you lost in the crowd. At this new site, you can post and search for him or her according to the specific location (bar, gym, coffee shop, market, etc.) where your eyes first met. No word yet on whether this actually works either. [via Curbed, oddly enough]
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OK, well, maybe not the Best of the Web. But cute graphics!
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Hmmm, yes... that smelly guy talking to himself from this morning's 7 train to GCT really caught my eye...
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That's no way to talk about jonmc.
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My friend recently called me because she was looking around on Missed Connections and found a discription of me on there, so I suppose it does work from time to time. Of course, I have no intention of responding but I did see it
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It seems to me that for these "missed connections" types of posting the only thing that really matters is finding the venue that has the greatest chance of your missed connection actually reading it. Or in other words, who cares if it's pretty if nobody uses it. Compared to craigslist I think they'd have a real uphill battle trying to get an audience.
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I'm sitting here typing on my computer. I'm checking you out across the way. You don't know I exist. You look yoga fresh. Nice body - just my type. Ha - you just looked at me. Maybe you'll see this later...or not.
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Enid: We need to find a place where you can go to meet women who share your interests.
Seymour: Maybe I don't want to meet someone who shares my interests. I hate my interests.
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