Hungary 1956. Still divided after Fifty years.
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Fifty years ago, on October 23, 1956, Hungarians rose up in a violent revolt against the Soviet occupation and Communist domination of their government and country. The revolt was not materially supported by NATO or its allies, and - given the timing - was doomed to failure. Today, many of the heroes are forgotten. After 16 years of democratic government, Hungarian politics is still bitterly divided and Hungarians are unable to celebrate this anniversary with a single united National ceremony.
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Some of the statues in those pictures are now sitting in Szoborpark in a Budapest suburb. It was one of the most kickass things I've seen in Europe.
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And later this year, the 50th anniversary of Blood In The Water.
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Szoborpark is also one of the few places on earth where you can buy Lenin and Stalin candles, along with CDs of children singing Soviet anthems. Hungary certainly has come a long way in 50 years.
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So, wait, Reagan made them do this, right?
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The guy who cuts my family's hair was a young (~15ish) student at the time who had to flee the country after he got into a little trouble as a result of this episode.

Nothing like having a guy holding a razor to your head telling you the best way to take out a Russian tank with a Molotov cocktail...
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Hungarian artist Nagy Kriszta expresses her opinion of the current representatives at the Hungarian Parliament, and offers a virtual opportunity for the citizens to follow her example.

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Reuters is reporting that some fighting broke out at the ceremony already.

And Hungary's biggest exporter, Audi, has decided to stop investments.

I think it's tough times ahead for Hungary.
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Yes, I'm watching TV and there are battles between police trying to clear certain downtown squares of right-wing skinheads and football hooligans who are wandering around looking for trouble. Police are using tear gas and water cannon to clear areas around Deak ter and Nyugari train station.

Ever since the Sept 18 riots the right wing extremists (including some real Nazi types like Lelkiismeret 88) have been playing a psycho-theater parody of 1956 in the streets arouynd Parliament.

I live just outside the city park and even here I am hearing an awful lot of police sirens suddenly....
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