Draw This Pirate & Start Your New Career
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DrawSpace is a collection of dozens of highly detailed (multi-page) online drawing tutorials & downloadable PDFs for anyone who wishes they could draw a little bit better than they can. Probably not very useful if you're already a good artist, although the tutorials do range from beginner to advanced.
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hop on mefi before i start to look for drawing tutuorials and tada.

thanks for the link.
posted by YoBananaBoy at 10:20 AM on October 23, 2006

Awesome. Watch out interrobang, I'm coming for you!
posted by OmieWise at 1:33 PM on October 23, 2006

Seems awfully complicated. All that gridding and stuff.

Me... I just like to draw.
posted by jpburns at 4:04 PM on October 23, 2006

James, your stuff looks pretty good already. I think you qualify under that last sentence of the post!
posted by jonson at 4:27 PM on October 23, 2006

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